A good addition to the mammography

The sonography of the female breast is an interesting diagnostic method for screening. We cannot completely replace the mammography. But with sonography we have a harmless and painless method to see suspicious lumps that are often non palpable and we can distinguish between benign and malignant lumps. We do not use any x-rays, only high frequencies of sound. We can use the ultrasound in cases when we have contraindications against x-ray, and also to review the mammography and differentiate between harmless cysts and solid tumors. When the palpation of the breast is unclear a mammasonography can be done directly in my practice in order to clarify the situation. In case an additional mammography is necessary, I will refer you to a radiologist who will perform that procedure.

Addition to the mammography-screening

Preventive checkups for breast cancer are a controversially discussed topic in politics and among various medical experts. Through the invention of the mammography- screening we have more options. Women between 50 and 69 years of age have the possibility to have a mammography carried out every two years; this will be paid for by the statutory health insurance. If conspicuous results are found, further investigations will take place. Improvement in the rate of early diagnosis through mammography-screening has been proved by various studies.

For women, without complaints, younger than 50 years of age, I recommend the mammasonography. For young women the mammography does not have a good benefit-risk ratio. The x-rays are more harmful. Furthermore, the breasts are less radiolucent and, therefore, a carcinoma can hardly be detected. Here the ultrasound examination of the female breast is a possible alternative. The examination is harmless and if there is anything conspicuous it will be revealed in most cases.

These pictures show benign and clearly demarcated fibroids.

Here we see a cyst with fluid inside; this is nearly always benign.

On this picture we see a Mamma carcinoma with two parts; it is dark and without a clear borders.

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