Are there any alternatives to hormone therapy?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives.

1. Lifestyle: Osteoporosis can be prevented through a calcium-rich diet- the earlier you start the better! Healthy food, rich on vitamins, no fasting and enough calcium is essential.

2.  Adding calcium to your to your diet: 1-2 times daily 500mg is the optimal doses in addition to your usual diet (-> perimenopausal women)

3. Substitution of vitamin D: 800-1000IE daily, especially during winter and for postmenopausal women)

4. Activity, sports and strength training: a minimum of twice a week you should do sports, especially training for the back muscles is important. Construction of the bones only works when you put weight on them.

5. Ideal weight: no underweight!

5. Sunshine! Spend some time outside: You should spend at least 30 minutes outside per day. Sunlight should shine on your face and forearms so that vitamin D can be produced in the skin.

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