Congratulations, you are pregnant!

From now on you will have appointments every 2 to 4 weeks. Together we will observe your bodily changes and the growth of your child.

In the guidelines which have been developed for pregnant women a number of preventive checkups are recommended so that problems or diseases can be detected and treated; sometimes they can even be avoided. At the beginning of your pregnancy you will be given a booklet of documents concerning your pregnancy (It is called "Mutterpass" in German). We ask you to carry that booklet with you at all times. In the booklet we will write down all the essential information concerning your pregnancy. Having it with you at all times ensures that the relevant information is at hand in an emergency.

You can see all the examinations that will or can be done during your pregnancy in the following chart.

Sonography during the pregnancy

By using modern ultrasound with high resolution we are able to carry out high quality examinations in order to gain very detailed information concerning your unborn child.

For more than 20 years diagnosis through ultrasound has been used to monitor a pregnancy and so far no harmful effects could be detected. On the contrary: The parents are able to establish a close relationship to their child already at an early stage of the pregnancy; therefore a positive course of the pregnancy becomes even more likely.

At the first appointment – usually in direct correlation with the diagnosis of pregnancy – the stage of the pregnancy is determined by taking the size of the embryo in account.

Three screenings

The first screening takes place between the 9th and 12th week of pregnancy. At that stage we can already gain important information concerning the development of your child.

Ultraschall-Screening 9.-12. SSW

The second screening takes place between the 19th and 22nd week of pregnancy. Now it is possible to take a closer look at various organs.

Ultraschall-Sscreening 19.-22. SSW

During the third screening between the 29th and 32nd week of pregnancy information about the growth should be gained. If there is a medical indication, additional ultrasound examinations are made. For example, if an insufficient growth rate is detected or an indication of insufficient blood circulation of the child or mother, we can get further information by using a special sonography - the so-called color duplex sonography.

Ultraschall-Sscreening 29.-32. SSW

With the ultrasound we see a lot of details.

Ultraschall-Sscreening des Kopfs

Measurement the circumference of the head

Ultraschall-Sscreening des Bauchs

Measurement of the circumference of the abdomen

Ultraschall-Sscreening des Oberschenkels

Measurement of the length of the thigh bone

Of course, the father of the child can be present during all the examinations and included in all the decisions.

Additional sonography pictures

If you wish to make an extra ultrasound appointment in order to have a closer look at your child (not for medical reasons) and take some pictures for a photo album that you want to create, this will not be paid by the statutory health insurance.

Such pictures are made with a 3D/4D technique, and show a clear image of your child.

Above you can see a 2D picture. Even here, you can detect a foot or the face.

40 weeks of pregnancy

During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, when a fertilized ovum finds it place in the uterus and starts to develop into a little human, the mother will feel a couple of bodily changes. Tiredness, breast tenderness, weight gain, nausea, circulatory troubles and also constipation can occur. At that stage the mother does not feel her child yet.

Fetal movements start to occur from the 18th to 20th week onwards. Naturally, you will want to know if your child is doing well. Perhaps you feel a bit fearful. We will do our best to alleviate those fears. We want you to feel well and build up a close relationship to your unborn baby.

In between the 16th and 30th weeks of pregnancy most women feel very well. The body has adapted to the changes. Slowly you feel a strong connection to your child. That is also the best time for a vacation. However, you should not forget that the risk of thromboses is high after long periods of sitting. That is why one should take little breaks during a longer journey, walk around a bit and keep drinking enough.

Pregnancy – from the seventh month on a "weighty" matter

The child gains a lot of weight from the seventh month on. Many women feel that it is very exhausting to carry around so much extra weight. Also water retention (swelling) can occur in the hands and feet and varicose veins can develop. Please discuss all those changes with me, since the boundary between "normal" and "in need of treatment" is not clearly delineated.