Consultation before a planned pregnancy

Already when the first thought of having a child come up, you can improve and do a lot for your health. It is important that you have a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins. Only folic acid and iodine are not present in adequate amounts, even in a healthy diet. Therefore, if you wish to become pregnant, it is advisable to add folic acid and iodine to your diet, even before you are pregnant. However, I ask you not to take vitamin pills randomly – please contact me first to discuss which extra vitamins might be necessary. Generally you should know that natural vitamins are much healthier than the artificial ones.

Smoking during your pregnancy

Smoking?! It would be best if both you and your partner stop smoking. First of all, smoking does reduce your fertility and secondly, it will harm your child, during the pregnancy and later on. In addition, stopping smoking would mean that are doing something good for yourselves as well.

A new life which evolves through a pregnancy is a wonderful personal gain and a good incentive to change some bad habits. But remember: A pregnancy is not an illness. You should not stop enjoying your life.

Vaccinations? Are they up to date?

Remember to bring in your vaccination documents, if you haven’t done so already. We will check which vaccinations you might need and let you know. For example, the vaccination against rubella (German measles) should be done during the time while you are still using a contraceptive. And your vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria should be repeated.

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