Contact person in many life situations

For many young women a gynecologist is the first contact person concerning general health care. These topics may, for example, come up in the context of family planning.

As a gynecologist I also offer vaccinations. Therefore, you should bring in your documents concerning your past vaccinations so that we can check whether you need a booster for any of them. In addition to the "standard" vaccinations, we also offer special vaccinations if you are planning to travel abroad. Traveling to some countries is connected with an extra risk of infections. In some cases a vaccination is recommended or even required.

I completed a comprehensive training in medicine with a specialization in gynecology. I am also familiar with methods of acupuncture and homeopathy, though I do not practice those currently.

Most of the treatments and methods of diagnosis that I offer are covered by statutory health insurance. Nevertheless, sometimes you might want to access a treatment that exceeds the provision of the statutory health insurance. In this case, rest assured that I will provide you with full information concerning the scope of the treatment and the costs that are involved.