Diagnostics during the pregnancy

During the pregnancy it can be necessary under certain circumstances to rule out further illnesses of mother or child. The following shows a list of those examinations.

Während der Schwangerschaft sollten alle Erkrankungen, die das Wohl von Mutter und Kind beeinträchtigen, ausgeschlossen werden.

Examinations to rule out toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is released through the virus toxoplasma gondii, which may be transferred through the contact with cats or the consumption of raw meat ... read on 

Examination concerning cytomegaly

Cytomegaly is a virus infection that gets transmitted through body fluids. Especially endangered are those working at medical institutions ... read on

Examination concerning hypothyroidism

20% of women are aware of their hypothyroidism. Prior to your pregnancy your hypothyroidism should be ideally regulated ... read on


According to the official regulations and guidance, the HIV-test is meant to take place and is therefore paid by the statutory health insurance ... read on


If diabetes develops during your pregnancy, maternal as well as fetal diseases may arise ... read on


While the 2D screening is paid b the statutory health insurance, we offer a 3D screening that is connected with extra costs ... read on

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