Face up to osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is an insidious process; the bones become more and more fragile. At the end of the process fractures can occur all of a sudden. The result is acute pain and limited mobility. Statistics have shown that every third woman suffers from bone fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Eine gute Vorsorge vor Osteoporose ist regelmäßige Bewegung

Beginning at the age of 30 the bones become more fragile at a rate of 1% per year. Obviously, that is genetically determined. That is also true for men. For women the reduction of estrogens plays an additional role as it supports the deterioration of the bones. The rate can increase to up to 4% per year. At the same time an estrogen deficiency symptom is a limited production of vitamin D and a calcium resorption. Therefore, the reconstruction of the bones is limited as well.

We differentiate between three levels of osteoporosis depending of the severity.

Discern the risk

Many factors have an influence on osteoporosis. We will talk them through when I take your medical history ... read on


Osteoporosis is suspected when the patient has lost four or more centimeters of her original total height ... read on

Early diagnosis of osteoporosis

There are further options for an early detection ... read on

Options for a successful therapy

The normal therapy is an option for a treatment of osteoporosis and also works as a preventive method. The target groups are women in the menopause. Especially women with an increased risk should undergo a therapy ... read on

Are there any alternatives to the hormonal therapy?

Yes, for sure there are plenty of alternatives ... read on

Further alternatives

Cimifuga improves the bones’ density ... read on

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