Prenatal screening for chromosomal abnomalities

You might have heard of prenatal diagnosis. Here we will focus on ruling out the presence of chromosomal disorders of the unborn child.

Before you decide to have one method of prenatal diagnosis carried out, you should think about what you would want to do if an abnormality were found since those disorders cannot be treated. Of course, the extent of the child’s disorder plays a big role and you should become clear about whether the abnormality would be a reason for an induced abortion or whether you would be willing to live with a sick child.

It is your right. It is your decision.

You decide whether prenatal screening is an option for you. You have the right to know as well as not to know.

Such a decision is always an individual one; I would like to advise and support you.

What kinds of diseases and disorders exist?

One of the most common disorders that has been found to correlate with the age of the mother is trisomy 21 ... read on

Methods of diagnosis: First Trimester Screening

A sonography with a high-resolution ultrasound ... read on

Amniocentesis and chorionic villous sample

Through an extraction of amniotic fluid with a thin needle through the maternal abdominal wall one can examine the chromosomes ... read on

A further method of diagnosis is the harmony test by Ariosa

In order to carry out the test a blood sample will be taken from the mother order to look for genetic material of the unborn child in that sample ... read on