The first time at a gynecologists’

The reasons for teenagers to see a gynecologist can vary:

  • They wish to get information concerning sexuality and the female body.
  • They need advice about contraception.
  • They have complaints of any kind.

If this is your first appointment at a gynecologists’, please let us now when you make the appointment.

Bei der Teenagerberatung geht es nicht nur um den Körper - auch für die Seele kann die Frauenärztin die richtige Ansprechpartnerin sein.

What will happen?

When you enter the medical practice the receptionist will ask you for your name, address and medical insurance card. If you prefer to speak English, please let us know. Of course, you can be accompanied by a close person/friend. In case you have any complaints or diseases, please tell the receptionist. You should also tell her if you wish to have an examination or just a consultation. After having registered, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room for a couple of minutes.

The receptionist will call you for your appointment and bring you to the consulting room. There all the important questions can be discussed. A gynecologist is a good person to talk with about all female-specific topics such as your body, your feelings, sexuality and contraception.

Conversations are very open nowadays

Many young women can speak openly with their parents and friends. In addition to those persons, I can also be your contact person.

It would be best if you thought of your questions beforehand. I will also ask you a few questions concerning your menstruation, whether you have got any complaints, previous surgeries, and any diseases in your own or your family’s history.

The examination is the second step

Usually a gynecological examination is not necessary at your first appointment and will only take place if you wish it.

My wish is to prevent unwanted pregnancies that result because young women are afraid to see a gynecologist and therefore, do not get contraceptives.

Preventive Checkups at an early age

The HPV-vaccination was invented just a few years ago and is a good method to prevent cancer of the cervix. The vaccination should take place before the first sexual intercourse.

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