Vaccinations you might need when you travel to certain areas

Many statutory health insurance institutes do cover the costs of those vaccinations, though you should check it first. Usually you will get a bill that you can submit to your health insurance.


is also known as poliomyelitis. It is a vaccination that is needed in certain areas and is included in a combination vaccine together with dT.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis B is transmitted through sexual intercourse worldwide! Hepatitis A is widely spread in southern Europe and is transmitted through contact with fecal matter (stool). A good combination vaccine exists.


One should think about an anti-rabies inoculation if a trekking holiday in endangered areas is planned.


That vaccine protects you against diseases that are spread by ticks. The risk is high in southern Germany, as well as other specific areas.

Typhus/Enteric fever

You should think of protecting yourself against those diseases if you plan to travel to Africa or tropical areas. Please note: For the enteric fever vaccination you have to visit a certified contact point, e. g. the Robert-Koch-Institut in Frankfurt am Main.

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