We focus on high quality

Our practice has been certified several times. Since 2005 the quality-management-system has been installed in our office so that we can offer you consistent, high quality care.

What does certified quality-management mean?

We would like to give you a bit of background information and we also ask you to give us your feedback – positive as well as negative.

In order to become certified, surveys are carried out with the employees, patients and other doctors. In addition, a neutral visitor evaluates the office.

High confidence

Through the patient surveys we learned that, all in all; our patients are very confident with our office and would recommend us to others. They feel they medical care is very good. They have the impression that we listen to them carefully and take enough time for their needs. Furthermore, examinations are explained well, and are conducted in a competent and thorough manner.

A result we are very pleased with!

Patients also complimented the way the person concerned was included in the decisions regarding further medical treatment.

Some details

If you are interested in the details of our quality-management, you may read on here.