Welcome in our medical practice for gynecology

As a medical practice for gynecology we aim to assist and support you in the best way possible in all female-specific matters such as contraception, preventive medical checkups, pregnancy and menopause. Through this website we would like to give you an insight into our office, its range of services and principles.

Please note:

APPOINTMENTS: Unfortunately it is not possible for NEW PATIENTS to arrange for an appointment online in the second half of the year 2016. Please call us for an appointment during our consultation hours.

All other patients can arrange for appointments online through our system called "Terminland" as well as by phone during our consultation hours.

AUTUMN HOLIDAYS: The office is closed due to Autumn Holidays from October 24 to October 28, 2016. In case of emergency please contact Dr. Heike Schmitt or Dr. Susanne Veith, Louisenstraße 19 in Bad Homburg, telephone 06172 28977. We will be back October 31, 2016.

Hier gelangen Sie zu unserer deutschsprachigen Website.

When you go travelling ...

Many statutory health insurance institutes do cover the costs of those vaccinations – e.g. Polio, Hepatitis, FSME, Typhus, Enteric Fever etc. –, though you should check it first. You will find more information onvaccinations you might need when you travel to certain countries here.

Vaccination against HPV

HPV is an infectious disease. Nevertheless, it is possible develop immunity to it through getting a vaccination. You may read on to get more details about for whom the vaccination makes sense.

Flexible consultation hours

Of course, we do have regular consultation hours. However, since we know that especially women who are working full time may have trouble with those, there is the option of appointments on Thursdays from 3 to 8 pm.

Different forms of contraception

Contraception concerns every woman: young girls, young women, as well as every mother with a daughter. Inform yourself about the pros and cons of the various options and methods. Find special information on "Jaydess" here.

Preventive cancer-checkups

The field of gynecology puts a great emphasis on the early detection and prevention of cancer. In addition to general examinations, we offer expanded checkups. You may read on for more information.

Our support during your pregnancy

Delighted to be pregnant at last? Mixed feelings? What does it mean to expect and have a child? Read on about how we will support you during this very special phase of life.