Everything about pregnancy and young parents in the Hochtaunuskreis district

40 institutions from the social and health care services with their counseling and support services in the Hochtaunuskreis district have joined forces to provide information to pregnant women and young parents – at an early stage.

The website “Frühe Hilfen im Hochtaunuskreis” (Early Help in the Hochtaunus District) provides information about regional courses, counseling and support opportunities related to pregnancy, birth, early parenthood and the first years of a child’s life.

Under “Topics A–Z” you will find keywords such as birth registration, baby massage, parenting advice, family midwives, child benefit, maternity protection, PeKiP, cry baby consultation and much more.

City of Oberursel with additional offer

The city of Oberursel also has an informative website on the topic of “early help”. Anyone who wants to find out about financial assistance and childcare services will find plenty of contacts here.

The offer is primarily aimed at parents with children aged 0 to 3 years.